Personal Profile

Paride Ernesto Odierna is an Italian born, based in Bedfordshire Fine Art and Portraiture photographer. A keen eye for beauty, Parideís work is focused on the abstract and surreal.

Self-taught with many yearsí experience, Parideís eye has captured hundreds of beautiful models, both male & female in various, always interesting scenes. A true visionary, a maestro of his craft, who has seen his art grace the pages of international publications, media & magazines.

A word from the man himself...

ĎI love altering reality to give everyone a peek into what is possible beyond the naked eye, to transport them to another time and plain.í

Personal, Paintings, Lonely, Surreal, Storytelling, Time Passing, Solitude, Vintage, Motion, Lonely, Nostalgic, Void, Grunge.

Birds, Sky, Water, Negative Space.

Colors I like
Pale Brown, Grey, Black, White, Pale Red.











Alice Kemble said...

A lovely creative shoot with excellent communications. Imaginative and enthusiastic I recommend Paride for an engaging and inventive experience.

Chatterley said...

Ah Paride! This wonderful man drove down to Cornwall to see me and we had an absolute blast of a day. We had a marvellous time improvising in sand dunes, on the beach and sneaking around sodium lit alleyways at night... Paride is a joy to work with, easy going, funny and laid back, with so many creative ideas that I was able to contribute to fully - a true creative collaboration.

With conversations that ranged from quantum physics to ice cream, spending time with this talented artist (yes Paride, you wonít use that word so I'll use it about you!) is anything but dull! And I've already got wonderful images less than 24hrs after he left, let alone got home.


Lindsey said...

Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said!! A true creative! As soon as I saw his work I knew we had to arrange a shoot.. I'm so happy he wanted to work with me!! I had the most wonderful time shooting with ParideVery easy to get along with and we had lots of laughs! It was quite chilly on our shoot.. But I was very well looked afterA big warm snuggly coat and a nice warm car afterI have seen a couple of the images already and I can't wait to share them with everyone!! I really hope I get to work with him again soon!! I would very highly recommend working with Paride.. You will get some cracking images for your portfolio!!!

Stuart J. Prowse said...

Iíve know Paride now for over 5 years, weíve collaborated on many projects numerous times and become good friends. Living in the same town we meet up every now & then for drinks and good times. Paride is a talented man, responsible for all my best shots. (Iím the guy in the chair in the field) And Iím sure Iíll work with him again... Easy going by nature, heís a good guy to have around and very good at what he does.

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